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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So . . .

Thar I wuz, watchin’ the TeeVee when it all happ’nend. I was actually at home for lunch because this is Pojo’s fourth birthday. “T’ Liann my got a fish! His name is Chocolate. He blue!” Having recovered from that exciting episode what to my wondering eyes should appear but one surrounded big rig and eight heavily-armed government agencies. Our local news got all hot and bothered about a semi-truck that got pulled over on 65. Okay, pulled over by the combined force of the Homeland Security Administration, the Secret Service, the local cops and probably the FBI too. They shut down 65, both north and southbound, and totally screwed up the city of Gardendale. After much drooling by the local news reporters, who were undoubtedly hoping for a national story, it turns out someone phoned in the truck because it had altered tags. The driver got ticketed and everyone went home. Just one more reason why I love my state.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Okay so the Massachusetts Supreme Court decided to overthrow the entirety of human civilization and impose gay marriage upon the nation, by fiat of course because democracy is so vulgar, apparently viewing intangible social structures as one of those “chaos, mayhem, my work here is done” kind of things. I guess ten thousand years of human social history is just a suggestion. Kind of like the speed limit. Oh, yes, the media elites that consider the system supported and encouraged atmosphere of rape, torture, and gang warfare that pervades American prisons to be just the thing for witty primetime repartee have their tampons in sideways over much milder abuses in Iraq. Cell block C is feeling the love. More importantly, I may be moving soon and that is costing me much time, money, and stress.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004


I’ve been, to put it mildly, hard on the Vatican’s stance on the Iraq war and other matters, so this report from Reuters is good news as far as I’m concerned:

The Vatican warned Catholic women on Friday to think hard before marrying a Muslim and urged Muslims to show more respect for human rights, gender equality and democracy.

Calling women "the least protected member of the Muslim family," it spoke of the "bitter experience" western Catholics had with Muslim husbands, especially if they married outside the Islamic world and later moved to his country of origin.

The comments in a document about migrants around the world were preceded by remarks about points of agreement between Christians and Muslims but they seemed likely to fuel mistrust between the world's two largest religions.

The document said the Church discouraged marriages between believers in traditionally Catholic countries and non-Christian migrants.

It hoped Muslims would show "a growing awareness that fundamental liberties, the inviolable rights of the person, the equal dignity of man and woman, the democratic principle of government and the healthy lay character of the state are principles that cannot be surrendered."

When a Catholic woman and Muslim man wanted to marry, it said, "bitter experience teaches us that a particularly careful and in-depth preparation is called for."

It said one possible problem was with Muslim in-laws and advised future mothers that they must insist on Church policy that children born of a mixed marriage be baptized and brought up as Catholics.

If the marriage is registered in the consulate of a Muslim country, the document said, the Catholic must be careful not to sign a document or swear an oath including the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith, which would amount to converting.


The document highlighted the contrasting approaches the Vatican has taken in recent years toward Islam, which has emerged as a strong rival for souls, especially in Africa.

Pope John Paul has broken ground in dialogue with Muslims and even prayed in a mosque in Damascus. He won plaudits in the Muslim world for his strong opposition to the Iraq war.

But Vatican officials and leading Catholic prelates have expressed increasingly critical views about the spread of Islam and the challenge this poses for Catholicism.

The Vatican's top theologian, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, said earlier this week the West "no longer loves itself" and so was unable to respond to the challenge of Islam, which was growing because it expressed "greater spiritual energy."

The migration document also discouraged churches from letting non-Christians use their places of worship.

This issue arose last month when Muslims in Spain asked to be able to pray in Cordoba cathedral, which was once a mosque. A senior Vatican official said this would be "problematic."

posted by Robert on Saturday, May 15, 2004 | link


Wednesday, May 12, 2004


So says Vatican foreign minister Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo in an Italian newspaper article widely quoted on the Web today. Lajolo notes, “intelligent people in Arab countries understand that in a democracy such episodes are not hidden and are punished ... Still the vast mass of people — under the influence of Arab media — cannot but feel aversion and hate for the West growing inside themselves.”

The archbishop adds, “the West is often identified with Christianity.”

So nice of him to notice. So sad his utter lack of courage.

posted by Robert on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 | link


In a disquieting essay at Catholic Exchange, Middle East Forum Director Daniel Pipes takes a page from Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, who warns in her newest book, La Forza della Ragione ("The Force of Reason"), that "Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam." Pipes agrees: "Christianity’s ancient stronghold of Europe is rapidly giving way to Islam."

Is it inevitable, Sharia law supreme from the Urals to the Atlantic? Pipes implies as much:

"Current trends suggest Islamization will happen, for Europeans seem to find it too strenuous to have children, stop illegal immigration, or even diversify their sources of immigrants. Instead, they prefer to settle unhappily into civilizational senility."

Better book your flights to catch a last glimpse of "Museum Europe"--the Arab world is indifferent to its own antiquities and likely would be more lax as "guardians" of the European cultural heritage.

But, then, if the Euros don't care, why should the Arabs?

posted by Robert on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 | link


Friday, May 07, 2004


It is a matter of faith among the loony Left and talking heads throughout the media that George W. Bush is an idiot, evidenced, they say, in, well, everything he says and does—and in everything he doesn’t say or do. That would seem to cover not just the bases but the entire field itself, W. painted as that rarity of rarities, the perfect idiot.

But not so fast, says Jonah Goldberg, in this morning’s print edition New York Post:

"… all bad things about Bush can be true, including their opposites. Hence, Bush’s critics have denounced him as both an evil genius and a moron."

Goldberg provides several examples from the hotbed of anti-Bush analysis and ends with veteran Bush-hater (and Clinton-lover) Joe Conason, who believed that the diversion of W’s plane on 9/11 was dishonorable—until Conason learned that Dick Clarke was responsible for that decision. Clarke heroic, Bush still bad.

The Left likes their Bush dumb, and any evidence to the contrary still proves he’s dumb. The psychology, the pathology is fascinating.

More evidence of the President’s IQ problems: Bush’s tendency to trip over his own (or his speechwriters’) words; his accent, picked up from the people in the region in which he was raised; and his embrace of a fundamental Christianity that adheres to a mere two commandments. When they tire of taking shots at his IQ, they go after his "emotional intelligence," another area in which he falls far short of their beloved Bill. Even his choice of business school over law school shows that he just doesn’t get it—or anything.

Given the hostile agnosticism (at best) of media, it is probably W’s unabashed born-again Christianity that riles the most. If he wins a second term, I have no doubt that the prospect of four more years of W humbly expressing his faith will cause more than a few talking heads to explode in apoplexy. One hopes.

What explains their harping on W’s intelligence? Perhaps it is that somewhere in their arrogant, narrow minds, media types are afraid he is in fact intelligent—but that they aren’t smart enough to see it. Perhaps it is that they need a caricature, not a character, their ability to see things three-dimensionally impaired by their own training to see things ideologically, the better to package them for a two-dimensional, flat screen.

For sure, their criticism isn’t constructive. The intelligence of George W. Bush isn’t the real issue; it is Bush the man. They see one—and it scares the hell out of them.

posted by Robert on Friday, May 07, 2004 | link


Thursday, May 06, 2004

I’m Still Here.

I haven’t been posting much lately. Now that I’ve whomped you upside the head with that hefty chunk of obviousness, I’ll post a few tidbits that caught my eye. Life has been hairy lately. Work is in end-of-the-month crisis mode, a new romance has begun and is about to get squashed like a bug (luckily I will be doing the squashing. Why do I attract all the freaks? From here on out no dating anybody I meet at church), the dreaded student loan must be wrestled to the ground, and then things get busy. Worse, politics have been boring and no new episode of social decay has yet roused me from my cynical malaise. Ah, malaise, those heady days when you could kill time by hating Jimmeh.

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, May 06, 2004 | link

Sowell Patrol.

Yes, again. This is his Random Thoughts, which are often more insightful than my deliberate ones.

“It is amazing how many people seem to think that the government exists to turn their prejudices into laws.”

“Australian economist Wolfgang Kasper has figured out the day on which the average citizen has earned money enough to pay his taxes, so that he can then begin earning money for himself instead of for the government. For Singapore, that date is March 31st, for the United States April 21st, for Germany July 1st and for Sweden August 5th.”

“It is a little much when people who are doing nothing for the poor, either here or in the Third World, complain loudly that others are not doing enough -- especially when those others are providing the poor with jobs and their communities with taxes.”

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, May 06, 2004 | link

Free At Last.

Gerald Amirault finally walked free last Friday, after serving 18 years for a crime that never happened. Amirault is the most emblematic of the victims of the 1980s child molestation witch hunts. His imprisonment was a disgrace to our nation. The Amirault case is Exhibit A on the evils of a politically motivated judiciary. This man served 18 years because a prosecutor wanted to run for higher office. Eighteen years so social workers could grandstand about their political theories. Eighteen years as a sacrificial lamb at the altar of self-righteous egos. The word shame does not begin to cover it.

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, May 06, 2004 | link

Sowell Patrol.

The Intellectual Deity honors a Musical Deity. Read the incomparable Thomas Sowell on the even more incomparable Bing Crosby:

“That was part of the greatness of his art, that it looked like it wasn't art. He didn't make a fuss about it but he made history with it.”

Crosby redefined song with his naturalistic, breezy style. More than rock, more than jazz, more even than Sinatra, Bing Crosby altered the very nature of music. Der Bingle ueber alles.

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, May 06, 2004 | link


Monday, May 03, 2004


You gotta know the BBC (Barely British Communicators) loved covering this story, wherein anything to do with the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula from its Moorish occupiers is now politically incorrect – and that it has nothing to do with the "alleged" Islamist terrorists who slaughtered 200 Spanish commuters on March 11. Here’s an excerpt:

"A statue in a Spanish cathedral showing St James slicing the heads off Moorish invaders is to be removed to avoid causing offence to Muslims.

"Cathedral authorities in the pilgrim city of Santiago de Compostela, on Spain's north west coast, plan to move the statue to the museum.

"Among the reasons for the move is to avoid upsetting the 'sensitivities of other ethnic groups.'

"The statue of St James 'the Moor-slayer' is expected to be replaced by one depicting the calmer image of St James 'the Pilgrim,' by the same 18th century artist, Jose Gambino.

"The Saracen-slaying image of St James, or Santiago in Spanish, is a symbol of the fight between Christianity and Islam and the reconquest of Spain from eight centuries of Moorish rule before 1492.

"The saint is said to have appeared to Christian troops fighting Moorish army at the Battle of Clavijo in 844, the crusaders rallying to the cry of 'Santiago y cierra Espana' -'"St James, we will reconquer Spain.'"

"Cathedral authorities insist the timing of the decision has nothing to do with the 11 March bombings in Madrid, which an Islamic group is alleged to have carried out.
Alejandro Barral, president of the cultural commission for the cathedral council, told BBC News Online: "This is not an opportunistic decision. This is not through fear of fanatics of any kind and nothing to do with 11 March or 11 September.'

"'He said the decision was taken a few years ago, but simply had not yet been implemented.'"

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for this story. (Yes, I should vary my online reading - but why, when Charles bats over .500 every day he takes the field?)

posted by Robert on Monday, May 03, 2004 | link


Sunday, May 02, 2004


Thanks to Jihad Watch for the tip:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - American hostage Thomas Hamill was found by U.S. forces Sunday south of Tikrit after he apparently escaped from his captors, the U.S. military said.
Hamill, 43, of Macon, Miss., who had been held since an attack on a convoy April 9, was "in good health," said Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt.

Kimmitt said U.S. military units were patrolling a petroleum pipeline when Hamill, a truck driver for a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corp., approached and identified himself.

Tikrit is about 90 miles north of where the convoy attack occurred.

"Mr. Hamill apparently escaped from a building," Kimmitt said. "He has spoken to his family. He is now ready to get back to work."

In Macon, Hamill's wife, Kellie, said she received a call about 5:50 a.m. telling her that her husband had been found alive. She said it was "the best wakeup call I've ever had."

Kellie said one of the first things she did was to wake up their children.

"There has been a lot of praying and I am so grateful to everybody," she said. "We're all so relieved, so excited."

She said she had no idea when her husband would be returning home or when she would be able to see him.

"I want everybody know he's been found," she added. "I'm going to be shouting it from the rooftops."

Hamill was among seven employees of Halliburton subsidiary KBR, formerly known as Kellogg, Brown & Root, missing since an April 9 attack on their convoy west of Baghdad. The bodies of four of the employees have since been found. ...

The day after his abduction, Hamill's kidnappers released video footage of him standing in front of an Iraqi flag. A spokesman off camera demanded that U.S. troops end their siege of the city of Fallujah, where four American civilians were killed and mutilated last week.

"Our only demand is to remove the siege from the city of mosques," a spokesman said in a tape given to the Al-Jazeera television network. "If you don't respond within 12 hours ... he will be treated worse than those who were killed and burned in Fallujah."

posted by Robert on Sunday, May 02, 2004 | link


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