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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be spending the holidays with my family consuming mass quantities of food and football. I will not be posting for a day or two. I do want to take this time to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! May you and yours have a safe and wonderful day and be surrounded by those you love and who love you. God bless y’all.

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Check It Out.

Oh Jeez, this is hilarious!

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Now Ya Done It!

See, once you start messing with Roy’s Rock the loonies come out of the woodwork. Now that our 10 Commandments monument has been declared unconstitutional some diligent Separation of Church and Stater is going after Vulcan. Sheesh, and after we spent all that money saving Vulcan’s ass.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002


The Literarium has been updated. Somebody ticked me off. Enjoy.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

The Religion of Peace.

Only read this article on Indonesia’s genocide campaign against its non-Muslim (primarily Christian) population and on the Christian nations it has conquered if you have a strong stomach. Each of the genocide campaigns occurred within the last 30 years and was aided and abetted by the American government.

“East Timor is the eastern end of Timor Island, part of the vast archipelago that today makes up the island state of Indonesia. Originally a Portuguese colony, -- it was one of the famous ‘spice islands’ -- it became a tempting morsel for the military government of neighboring Indonesia when the Portuguese empire collapsed in a bloodless military coup in 1975. Indonesia did not have any valid claim to it, but President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who were visiting Jakarta, nevertheless approved the Indonesian invasion of the former Portuguese on December 7, 1975. They only asked that the attack be delayed until after their departure.”

How does this sit on your multiculti stomach:

“President Suharto’s carnage was on a scale worthy of Pol Pot. By 1989, Amnesty International estimated that Indonesia had murdered 200,000 East Timorese out of a population of 600,000-700,000.”

Want more?

“In the motivation patterns and perceptions of the actors on the ground, killers and victims alike, East Timor was an Islamic jihad against Christian infidels, identical in form and purpose to other tragedies caused by Islam’s insatiable appetite for other people’s lands, property, bodies, and souls.”

Pretty thorough:

“In Dili hundreds of the ethnic Chinese minority were shot and thrown off the wharf into the sea. In Maubara and Luiquica, the entire Chinese populations were wiped out.”

Don’t worry, Islamic tolerance bloomed anon:

“Once East Timor was out of the way the next target was the Christian minority in Indonesia itself. In 1999-2000 the persecution, destruction of property, and killing of Indonesia’s Christians amounted a deliberate campaign of religious cleansing, actively abetted by the Indonesian military, which is overwhelmingly Muslim. Independent television footage has proved that there have been numerous instances of soldiers, marines and police taking sides.”

But hey, it’s not like this is uncommon in the Islamic world. What is truly sickening is how complicit America was in the slaughter. The government by providing the arms to the murderers and the American media (and media watchers) for covering it up.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 25, 2002 | link

Football Update.

Well, the Auburn Tigers pulled out a win on Saturday. I was very surprised because Alabama has by far the better team. Then again, the only time Alabama does lose to Auburn is when they have a vastly better team. Go figure. AU’s coach Tuberville was playing for his job and I’m still not sure he’s kept it. The fat man hates ol’ Tommy and thinks Auburn should be fielding much better teams than they have been. Alabama just flat out choked. The quarterback timeshare deal is not working for me. The defense was just one step behind the Tiger Beat. My brother goes to Auburn, so their victory double sucks. I hope the Mighty Marsupial enjoyed his celebratory Cow Tump.

Notre Dame won. Won may not be the right word. Slaughtered the Rutgers team, enslaved their women, burned their stadium, and salted the earth upon which it stood may be a better description. Okay, technically the game was held in South Bend. Rutgers did hold their own in the first half, but forgot to come back out onto the field for the second. On their first possession of the half, on the first play from scrimmage, Notre Dame scored. Next possession, same thing. In fact, those two sentences pretty well sum up the rest of the game.

The Packers blew it big time. Last week’s loss was expected. Losing to the Bucs was pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, the Bucs have a great team. I could even see them winning. However, Green Bay should not have been defeated as thoroughly as they were. The Pack’s problems were mainly offensive. The receivers didn’t catch and Brett Favre seemed to forget what team he was playing for. I’m talking 4 interceptions, three of which were totally on Brett. One other thing, can we please kill Terry Glenn now? Hasn’t he finally forfeited his right to live on this earth? Glenn just flat out quit on half his routes. He not only didn’t fight for balls, he just stopped. Period. One of the interceptions was on a slant across the middle. Glenn was supposed to at least try to catch the ball. The pass was perfect but Glenn just stopped in the middle of the route. He wasn’t blocked. He just stopped when he saw the defenders come at him. There is no stopping in football. Throw that bum out of the league.

Now for the Super Bowl Champion New Englan’ Patriots. They managed to win. Actually, they managed not to lose. What is it going to take for the Patsies to start playing football again? The offense did fine, aside from the bad play calling and the dropped balls. The receivers dropped far too many catchable balls. Maybe Brady threw too hard. Either way they need to get in sync. The play calling was pretty questionable. They stayed in a huddle offense the entire game, despite the fact that they play better in a no huddle offense. You can see last week’s update for an explanation on that. Am I the only one who thinks third and 7 is a bad time to run it up the middle? Gee, you think the Vikes noticed that you ran two running plays and then a pass on every possession? The offense was just ineffective for most of the game. The defense almost blew the game. The Pats played an aggressive, tight defensive game for most of the first half. In the second half the coverage got looser than Jennifer Lopez. Hey, let’s give Randy Moss a good three foot cushion to catch the ball! Then they go into a prevent defense. Let me say this nice and clear: a Prevent defense prevents victory. The Vikings racked up most of their points after the Patsies went into the prevent. They should have blitzed Daunte Culpepper. Culpepper just can’t handle an aggressive defense. You need to get in his face and shake him up. I am now seriously questioning whether the Pats will beat the Lions.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 25, 2002 | link


Looks like the Fighting Brits may not be Fighting Fit.

“Legitimate governments have the right to deploy their forces as often as they wish and wherever they choose in order to preserve the safety and integrity of the nation they serve. What seems to have been forgotten is that this right goes hand-in-hand with a huge responsibility. That responsibility is to make sure that the people you send away, possibly to their deaths, are given the best possible chance of success. To be given that they must be properly paid and equipped, and they must be allowed to train in a manner that may offend the sensibilities of the urban trendies who make up New Labour. As one senior police officer recently, and eloquently, put it, ‘Perhaps it is time we looked less at the cost of things, and more at what their value is.’ ”

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 25, 2002 | link

What the $@%&???

What is it with whores and England? Last week we were treated to the preenings of a plus-50 whore and this week it’s a “whore to maintain the genteel country lifestyle.” From this article, these tramps never even consider a real job. Her husband even helps with the pimping. If the SUV gets threatened would they turn out their daughter? Disgusting.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 25, 2002 | link

Oh Yeah!

Yes! Yes! Hell yes! This is a great article on women, men, family, career, feminism, life, the universe, and everything. Actual common sense. Intelligence. Rock on girlfriend. You too, il padre di nove figli.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 25, 2002 | link


Friday, November 22, 2002

Pius Power!

A very good article on one of Pius XII’s best defenders. This is a great antidote to the anti-Pius propaganda that the media pushes. Here is one of my favorite excerpts.

“In a lighter moment, Sister Margherita tells of one argument against Pope Pius XII that he did not send his army against the Nazis. She laughs, ‘The Vatican doesn't have an army. The Pope has the Papal Guard.’ At the beginning of the war, she further notes, there were maybe 400 in the ranks. But, by the war's end, there were over 4,000. ‘Many a Jewish man looked handsome uniformed and plumed as a Swiss Guard!’ "

I love that story. Here’s a nice nugget:

“ ‘By discrediting Pope Pius XII, the Church is discredited,’ Sister Margherita suggests. ‘He was widely admired and is now no longer widely known. If his voice of moral authority, thus the church's moral presence, can be taken out of the social ratio, the media's voice is empowered.’ ”

We can only hope truth will triumph over the revisionist lies.

posted by Lee Ann on Friday, November 22, 2002 | link

Mother May I?

Ooh, this one is just too perfect. Gary Aldrich rips the Nanny State. So sweet.

posted by Lee Ann on Friday, November 22, 2002 | link


Wednesday, November 20, 2002


The desecration of religious symbols is a very serious assault on the culture that holds those symbols dear. The secular left has consistently refused to acknowledge the cultural content of the act of desecration. Preferring smoke screen arguments about the First Amendment, secularists refuse to address the content of the controversy.

“Religious symbols bind an individual to a religious community and testify to the sacred inheritance of that community. They represent the body of teaching and instruction inherited from the past that directs how the community ought to live today. This tradition shapes the culture of the community so that the tradition itself can be passed on to the next generation. The symbol identifies the community by what it believes and how it lives.

Desecration is more than the destruction or misuse of the symbol itself. Desecration is sacrilege; the use of the symbol in ways hostile to its meaning and in ways that the tradition considers profane. By desecrating the symbol, the desecrator not only defiles the symbol, he also denies the legitimacy of the community to whom the symbol belongs.”

The post-marxist secularism of the modern Left has thoroughly assimilated the need to desecrate without ever confronting the seriousness of their actions. They hold tat their own doctrines of ultimate meaninglessness and moral supremacy of the state to be self-evident. The secularist thus directs an unmitigated hostility towards the symbols of his opposition, the religious. Religious people hold that there is something higher than the state and that man must uphold a justice that transcends and, if necessary, supercedes the state. The religious impulse stands over against the statists and thus must be destroyed. To destroy a rebellious culture you first must desecrate that which it holds dear. Unfortunately, once you desecrate a culture, it dies. That is likely the reason that the rigidly secularist socialist states of Europe are culturally comatose. Once their religiously based cultures were desecrated, those cultures died. French, Swedish, and German cultures (to name a few) are hollow shells. There is no longer any living culture left. There is very little left in the Cultures of those nations that isn’t a state supported puppet show. Even Ireland is fast losing its vaunted Irishness. Once you destroy the religious core of a culture, once the center cannot hold, everything falls apart.

posted by Lee Ann on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 | link

The Literarium.

It's been updated again. Go look. Here's a sample:

Well meaning idiots are still idiots.

posted by Lee Ann on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 | link


Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Child or Choice?

This is one of the better analyses of the abortion wars I’ve seen in a while. It is balanced and serious. Even more than abortion, the author takes a hard look at the unnatural sexual culture that fosters the abortion culture.

“Of course, moral surrender by refusing to hold people responsible for their sexual choices may look attractive when one assesses the difficulties in actually banning abortion. No one who supports individual freedom can be enthused about allowing the state to intrude so dramatically into private lives. But the fact that life is at stake requires us to make some hard decisions involving the balance between life and liberty. The very complexity of the issue means that abortion cannot be justified as a simplistic commitment to ‘choice,’ irrespective of the circumstances.”

“Today people are free to choose whether — and when and with whom — to have sex. People who create children as a result, even inadvertently, should be willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of their choices. Unrestricted abortion, in contrast, allows everyone, men as well as women, to avoid dealing with the results of choices freely made.”

I personally am pro-life for both religious and feminist reasons. The religious reasons are obvious enough. I’m Catholic and believe life is sacred. Speaking as a feminist I think that the abortion culture is a relegation of women to second-class status both as human beings and as moral actors. I firmly believe that women are the intellectual and moral equals of men. The pro-abortion position refuses to recognize this point. To justify abortion, you have to separate the decision to engage in sex from the decision to take responsibility for the resulting pregnancy. Thus consent to sex is not consent to the results of sex. Women are held to be unable to intellectually link sex and conception. Well, try that with men. If consent to sex is fundamentally separate from consent to childbearing, why are men forced to pay child support to children they did not choose to have? Remember, sex and conception are separate consent issues. If he didn’t consent to the pregnancy, why can’t he “abort” his responsibilities the way a woman can? Because a man is considered to have accepted responsibility for any resultant child when he engages in sexual activity. Men are expected to be able to understand the connection between act and consequence. Women are not.

The entire abortion culture rests on the foundation belief that women cannot make the fundamental connection between sex and conception. The decisions have to be made separately because no woman could be expected to have an intellect capable of controlling her genitals. I believe that women are capable of making the same informed moral decisions as men and should be held equally accountable for their actions. If a woman consents to sex, she consents to the results of sex whether those results are an orgasm or a baby. If women are not equally morally responsible as men, why are women allowed to make any moral decision? As women are equal moral actors they shoulder equal moral responsibility.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link

Steyn Alive!

Mark Steyn on Women’s Issues. Yes, it’s that good.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link

Poison Ivy.

Here’s the latest effort at “diversity” and “tolerance” from Harvard Law. Tolerance for me , not for thee. This article gives a very good encapsulation of why I was repeatedly warned off Harvard, Yale and other Ivy League schools when I was looking at grad schools. The education provided by the schools has deteriorated to a frightening extent. Most undergrad courses are taught by grad students not professors. They have difficulty keeping good professors because they don’t offer tenure to anyone off the race/ class/ gender reservation. Many of my professors, across the political spectrum, told me not to waste my time and money. Yes, I did say across the political spectrum. I went to a small liberal arts college, which was religiously affiliated. Those are the only schools left with political spectrums.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link

Ars Derbica.

This article comes from the New Criterion by way of Frontpage. It regards the phenomenon of Third World Anti-Americanism. It is exceptionally well done. The jealousies of the Third World, built upon a foundation of ignorance and national inferiority complexes, burst forth in fits of impotent rage. The more we have done to help a nation, the more their need of help eats at them. The wealthier America becomes in freedom, the more the poverty of despotism must be justified with hate.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link

Sowell Patrol.

Thomas Sowell opines on the importance of a judiciary beholden only to the Constitution, independent of political ideology. Hurry and read it before someone else does.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link

Iron Bowl Correction.

The Iron Bowl is not this week, but some time else in the future. I would look it up but since Notre Dame won’t be playing, what’s the point? Yep, I’m outed as a Fighting Irish fan in the land of the battling behemoths. I watch the Iron Bowl every year but I never can keep track of when it actually occurs. The Notre Dame schedule I memorize the week it’s announced. Watching Alabama and Auburn slug it out is great, but it is akin to watching the battles between the Baptists and the Church of Christers. Even though you want the Baptists to win, in the end they’re all Protestants. Same with the Tide and the Tigers. Even after valiant Alabama eviscerates the crypto-idiotarians from The Jungle, they still won’t be Notre Dame. Besides, even fair Bama needs a conference. Irish don’t need no stinking conference.

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 | link


Monday, November 18, 2002

Football Roundup.

Boy does the Super Bowl Champion New Englan’ Patsies’ defense suck. I have never seen such loose coverage. Every Raiders receiver had a good 3 yard bubble around him, guaranteeing him at least 2 yards after every catch. The offense played well but the defense just sat back and let Oakland march down the field. New Englan’ even sucked in the Red Zone. Even when the Patsies played their worst, they always had good Red Zone defense. Of course, that was only because they had only 20 yards to protect and could concentrate their strength. Bruschi's interception/ touchdown off McGinnest's(?) foot was amazing though. I think the ball did touch the ground, but there was no clear replay to overturn the call. Awesome play though. Bardy played well when they finally let him play. The offensive line was leakier than Patrick Leahy. The plays called on offense left Brady with either no time to throw or too much time. Too much time means too much thinking about the play and when the Kid thinks too much he makes dumb mistakes. He second guesses himself or tries to get cute. Cute is for off the field, Studboy. Still, it’s the defense, or lack thereof, that is killing the Patriots. I don’t get it. They have most of the defensive line that played so good last year. They have Bruschi, McGinnest, Smith, and Milloy. They should be playing much better than they are. Was Brian Cox really that important to defensive morale? I still say the Patsies will sty at .500, but the playoffs may be out of reach. If they play this badly next year, Belicek is gone. The talent is there; the team isn’t.

Bama won though. Even better, Auburn lost. Notre Dame didn’t play.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 18, 2002 | link

Weevil Alert.

Next week is the most serious challenge yet thrown at the vaunted Axis of Weevil. Yes, the Iron Bowl. The first Iron Bowl since the Axis’ founding. The epic battle between Alabama and Auburn threatens to rend the Axis asunder. Religion is all well and good, but the Iron Bowl is important.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 18, 2002 | link

Kodak Moment.

This is a older story about a suit filed against Kodak. The company sent out an email informing their employees about the “diverse” views they had better hold about gay rights. One employee wrote back informing the company that such views were contrary to his moral beliefs and he would not be “diversifying.” He got fired. Too diverse apparently. He’s suing. I hope he wins. I am all in favor of equal treatment for all people, regardless of sexual, racial, or gender reasons, and this view extends to moral orientation as well. Tolerance does not mean approval and as long as this guy treated his gay coworkers with the same consideration he gave his straight ones, he is entitled to his views. Private lives are just that, private, and Kodak had no right to force this issue on their employees.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 18, 2002 | link


Thursday, November 14, 2002


Viva la Constitution! Unless the Constitution somehow prohibits me from voting myself booty out of the public treasury. In which case, it’s viva la pork!

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, November 14, 2002 | link

Ars Derbica.

Our modern criminal justice system is obsessed with due process and protecting the rights of criminals. It’s forgotten only one thing, the victims.

“The defense attorneys blather away with their spurious motions, the appeals court judges scrutinize, and rescrutinize, and re-rescrutinize the most microscopic minutiae of rule and procedure, District Attorney Brown plays Hamlet struggling with his precious conscience, psychiatrists administer batteries of tests, the sacred ‘process’ drags its weary length along for months, for years, for decades. And what is that sound we hear in the background? Oh, that's nothing, that's not important. That is only Rachel, weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for her children, because they are not. Who cares? Why, Rachel didn't even go to law school!”

posted by Lee Ann on Thursday, November 14, 2002 | link


Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I Wasn’t Going to . . . But I will. James Welles is the author of two books on the subject of stupidity. He was also recently arrested for soliciting sex over the Internet from a fifteen-year old girl. The girl was an undercover cop. I guess now we know he really is an expert in his field. I wasn’t going to post this story, mainly because it would be too easy. Well, I’m doing it anyway.

When stupidity is outlawed, only outlaws will be stupid.

Hey hey, ho ho, stupid civ has got to go!

Stupidity you can trust.

Stupid, horny, and unafraid.

Rob Lowe is stupid, but James Welles is just stupider.

All stupid, all the time.

Live stupid or die.

I’m okay; you’re stupid.

It’s the stupidity, stupid!

Stupidity counts.

Give stupid a chance.

He’s the cop; I’m stupid.

Everybody Loves Stupid.

Eight stupid rules for getting busted with my teenage daughter.

Don’t get mad; get stupid.

Got stupid?

Standing athwart stupidity and shouting, “Loser!”

posted by Lee Ann on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 | link


Monday, November 11, 2002

Don’t Worry, I’m Safe.

I'm safe and sound after last night's storms. So are all my family. A massive storm system blew through here last night. Several tornadoes touched down and the straight-line winds were just as bad. Eleven people died in Alabama, one in ‘Sippi, and sixteen in Tennessee. There are a lot more injuries and more than enough damage. Thank you for your concern.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 11, 2002 | link

Football Roundup.

Wow! What a weekend. Notre Dame managed to pull out a win over Navy. The weaknesses of the Irish offense are becoming more and more crippling. That number 4, Grant, fumbled away the BC game and almost fumbled away the Navy game. The Irish only started winning when he got benched. 4 needs to be benched permanently. Fumbler, no fumbling! Fumbler, no fumbling!

The Pack kicked some butt yesterday. It would have been a far more impressive performance if they had trounced a better team than the Lions. Still, the Pack showed they have what it takes to go all the way. Favre was in rare form and his backup, Pederson, played well too. Ii was nice to see that the rest of the team stayed focused even when Favre was pulled out in the fourth quarter. Green Bay has been far too dependent on Favre, both literally and psychologically, for far too long. They seem to be pulling out of that. A very strong performance.

Now for those goldarned, coronary-inducing Super Bowl Champion New Englan’ Patriots. It was the Patriots’ game to lose and they almost did. They should have easily splattered Chicago. The Bears have been stinking up the league all year and the Patsies go and almost lose. Last week the Pats played a brilliant game against Buffalo, a game I thought they’d lose. This week, they decide to play like the old Patriots. The offense stuck with a running game that the Bear were keyed onto from the start. Hmm, the Bears have stuffed every run on every down all game. Hey, let’s run some more! Can we say three and out? As for the defense, well, they’re still New Englan’. No D. The defense only plays when the offense gets some Mo. They played loose coverage and didn’t create anything until late in the game. They let the Bears, the lousy Bears, with a bum-armed QB, rack up 30 points. The offense finally got it on late in the third and really turned it on in the fourth. Know how? They finally went back to the quick pass, no huddle offense that took them to the Super Bowl. They finally started calling Brady ball instead of Bledsoe ball. Earth to Charlie Weiss . . . Bledsoe ain’t on your team anymore! Without better offensive play calling the Patsies ain’t going anywhere. Repeat after me Charlie . . . coach to the quarterback you have, not the quarterback you had or wish to have. As for Brady, he’s developing nicely but is still making too many rookie mistakes. He has really lead his team and it is obvious that the team believes in him. The defense only plays well when Brady gets things going. One other thing, I hadn’t realized how truly physical a player Brady is. I mean, I know he throws a mean block and is a physical young player. He actually showed some of that favrian, “loony QB thinks he’s a nose tackle” physicality. He even got called for unnecessary roughness. Nice. Unfortunately, the Patsies get to face Oakland next week. Studboy, meet Romo.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 11, 2002 | link

Oh Dear God in Heaven.

This gives a whole new meaning to the word “dystopia.” Theodore Dalrymple chronicles narcissistic multiculturalism and the inevitable societal breakdown it engenders. The whole wretched story takes place in France, but you guessed that didn’t you.

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 11, 2002 | link

Sulking Spinster Roundup.

Ok, I’m pretty well over my sulk-a-thon, or sorrow-waller, or whatever you want to call it. I’m very prone to such episodes. They are not fun nor do they last long, but they are quite wearing. Here is a quick yet insufficient mass posting of stories I would have blogged but didn’t.

Evil, Pure and Simple. Bat Ye’or is the leading voice in the study and exposure of the horrors of dhimmitude, the official state of humiliation and subjection of non-Muslims under Islamic domination. She also exposes the whitewash given to Islamic history by Muslim apologists and racist European elites. If you have a brain in your head, you’ll read this interview and then check out her site on Dhimmitude. Remember, none of Ye’or’s critics have ever challenged her on her facts.

Did It Have to Happen? A ton of information has come out in the past year showing that the FBI had more than an inkling about potential terror threats. Agents in the Midwest and in New York had all the pieces about the 9/11 hijackers but never put the puzzle together. Why didn't they move on the information they had? Maybe they couldn’t. I don’t excuse FBI incompetence, but I also don’t excuse politicos preventing them from doing their jobs. Heather Mac Donald weaves together the political climate that crippled the ability of law enforcement to do its job.

So Who Needs Justice Anyway? “The witch hunt, which devastated so many lives at taxpayers' expense, was launched in 1994 when a Child Protective Services supervisor told the local Wenatchee office to find some cases to justify its budget.”

posted by Lee Ann on Monday, November 11, 2002 | link


Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Yes, I know I’ve been horribly derelict in updating the site. Life has been horrendous lately and I figured youse guys seriously did not want to hear about. I’ll post again soon, today, tomorrow, whatever. You will just have to find some other way of grafting meaning upon your lives.

posted by Lee Ann on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 | link


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